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Experience the magic of sea life in the Marine Life Museum. “Nautilus” in Aidipsos is a great experience for you and your children.

In the Folklore Museum of Agia Anna you get in touch with the Greek Culture, through dozens of exhibits from the daily life of the residents.

One of the most beautiful sights of North Evia with rich vegetation located at an altitude of 620 meters.

It is one of the most beautiful seaside villages of North Evia with a long beach and crystal clear azure waters.

A rutty trail more than 10km long, with a small cave that served as a hideout, during the Turkish occupation.

A beautiful small waterfall adorns the village bearing the same name, surrounded by several small streams.

Hidden by dense vegetation, in a rough spot within the forest there is a waterfall of unique beauty called Kremasi.

A short road that crosses the plain of Istiaia leads you to the beach and towards two great wetlands, Megalo (Large) and Mikro (Small) Livari.

Pefki with its organized beach is the main holiday destination in northern Evia, with an area of 4-5 km of fine sands.

One of the longest beaches of Evia unfolds before your eyes and invites you to enjoy a swim enjoying an immense view of the horizon.

The beach of Agios Vasilios is of unique beauty. Two beaches North and South, within a very short distance from each other are ready to impress you.

Large organized beach that extends beyond the boundaries of the village and capacity to accommodate many people.

It is a beautiful beach, with gravel, without amenities but with many visitors who come from all over Evia to enjoy its clear waters.

It is quiet little beach with clear waters and a special landscape mostly visited by tourists from the region of Chronia settlement.

One of the most popular beaches of northern Evia is the beach of Agios Nikolaos at Aidipsos Hot Springs.

Near the springs, ideal for those who want to benefit from the hot mineral waters that squirt from adjacent springs.


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