Waterfall of Gerakiou

Gerakiou is a rocky village in North Evia. It is located 6 km south of Artemision and 14 km from Istiaia, to the East. Gerakiou belongs to Artemision Municipality and currently numbers 189 residents. It is built at an altitude of 220 meters and has a very good view of the Pelion. The inhabitants engage in animal husbandry, agriculture and especially in the production of wine from the vineyards.

The name of the village is allegedly of Byzantine origin and derives from the bird geraki (falcon). According to another version the name of the village is due to the high concentration of falcons in the area. During the Ottoman rule the village had been an Ahmet Bey estate and was called Giarakoli. After liberation it was bought by the Russian E. Zakharov and later, in 1840, it was purchased by its residents. According to an alternative version in regards to the naming of the village, during the Ottoman period a resident of Gerakiou was surrounded by Turks but a falcon flew over him and grabbing him by the shoulders rescued him.

The waterfall of Gerakiou is situated in a beautiful location approximately 500 meters ahead of the village. It is a small beautiful waterfall that adorns the village. It is remarkable that the entire village is surrounded by small streams. The village also has a small lake called "Limni Papa"(Lake of the Priest) in honour of a priest of the village who wanted to have his field there and as a punishment the lake sucked him in and washed him ashore beheaded, at Oreoi.

The Church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) is located 3 km. away from the village, towards the side of Agdines built in a wonderful location in the shadows of pine trees. In this church there is a mass once a year on the day of Whit Monday (early June).

Every year on August 15th there is a traditional ball taking place to honour Virgin Mary. The residents gather at the village square and celebrate with live music, food and drinks.

Source: www.gerakiou.gr


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