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Since 1981, there is a Folklore Museum in Agia Anna village, displaying traditional costumes, jewellery, textiles, agricultural, household and other tools and objects used by the locals in daily life. Recently the museum moved to a better and more spacious location and was enriched with more exhibits.

At the Folklore Museum of Agia Anna, the visitors can admire among other exhibits, the unique “Agianniotiki” costume that had been worn till lately in the surrounding areas and will be informed about the habits, the way of life and the history from the Turkish occupation until today.

In Greek folklore “Agianniotiki” traditional costume has its own dedicated page. Nowadays specimens of the Agianniotiki costume, for male, female and child are on display at the Folklore Museum of Agia Anna.

A key feature of the male costume was “foustanela”, the classic Greek national dress, with a vest adorned with highly sophisticated embroidery. “Segouni” was the main female garment with embroidered shirts and aprons. Children from 3-12 years old, used to wear colourful “mallines” (woolen) skirts made of dyed wool that had been woven on local looms and knitted cuffs, trimmed with various stitch patterns.

Source: Nileas

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